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See "Vision and Philosophy" for details of what this website is planning for the future.  In time, poems and stories will be put together in groups here, so that they get to meet and talk to each other. See "poetry policy" for details. For now though, they're mostly just grouped under authors. Scroll down and click on any of the titles to see what's here.

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*** NEW : the Mick Bruce songbook ... click here




Living with Ghosts by Wendy Young

Recently added:

- Two stories from Rod Broome - Rebecca's and Kidnapped

Revelation - by Paul Ellis

(Excerpt from) A Kind of Village - a new novel from Peter Street


Older poems and stories:

Swords & Saucers - by Ciaran Ward

The Vessel - by Val Chapman

2 poems by Val Chapman

3 new poems from Philip Burton


story: "Under Cover" by Jenny Palmer

2 sat-nav poems from Philip Burton

"Passiondale": a Letter from the Front - by Paul Ellis

Caught in the Act (or, What I Did Just Now): a revolting sonnet by Rachel McGladdery

Thomas' and Roger's Story - by Peter Street

Hamlet's Bar - a one-act play

a word again from David Rose - poetry ebook with video / photos / music

The Whinberry Pickers - poem and photo by Rachel McGladdery

poems by Trevor Meaney - video

2 poems by David Riley with paintings by Paul Harding

poems by John Lavan

poems by Ronnie Edmondson

a story by Val Chapman: Waiting for Scarlett 

Glasnost by Paul Ellis

poems by Philip Burton 

... and two more from Phil Burton

poems by Jo Harding

two poems by Richard MacSween

two poems by David Rose

poems by Michael Bruce

- and a song: & information about Owls albums

a poem by Paul Ellis

a poem by Martyn Bonar

a poem by Steve McBirney

poems by Gillian Hesketh

a poem/story by Paul Ellis: The War Correspondent

2 poems by Avril Scott

a poem by Gerry Potter-Poet: with commentaries

The Wood Between the Worlds - by Hedwind

a poem by David Riley: Path Clearing


three poems by Norman Hadley - with video

poems by Kathleen Bell

a poem by Andy Dwyer - with audio

- and two more tree poems - with audio

a sequence by Paul Ellis: You were always wrong

a short story by Katie Trickett: Mail Wanted

2 sat-nav poems from Philip Burton

a story by Dave Rose: The Evangelist's Apprentice

a story by Peter Street: Trees will be Trees

Big Geoff's Astounding Insomnia Trick - a story by Hedwind

a story by Sam Pennington: Meant to be

a story by Avril Scott: Skyros horses

& a play by Dodgy Dan: The Thing


Mick Bruce song samples and CD information: here


photos (and live audio) from the Natterjack live poetry night, August 2011



Information about Natterjack writers here: notes on contributors 

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