The trees that surround me embalm all my strife
And soothe all the stresses of modern day life
And their organic cycle, so agelessly old
Continues unhurried, whilst we search for gold
We scurry around, and pursue goals afar
But the trees in their wisdom stay right where they are
Simply content, with their unquestioned meaning
These trees have had decades, for growing and dreaming
And our chain of events, they have witnessed through time
As man divorced nature, our one greatest crime
An industrial demise, with the land as our “other”
Whilst economy leaders destroy our true mother
But trees don’t get angry, they just understand
Our lack of respect, for this life cycling land
And trees never judge us, for we’d pay no heed
Too blinkered with reason, and blinded by greed
So next time you wander through woods on your own
Remember our roots, and you’ll not walk alone




Andy Dwyer



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