(or, What I Did Just Now)

What happy chance drove me to take a look
into the can of cat food, left on t’side?
Compelled me from the comfort of my book
to p’ruse the open tin and look inside.
And there did I espy on each meat ‘shelf’,
on every block of ‘meat’ in its own drool,
a frosting of bluebottle eggs - a wealth
on ev’ry cube, and in each gravied pool.
The rumbling of their mother must have caught
my semi conscious brain, in book interr’d,
and left me the sudden sharpness of a thought
to catch the filthy bastards, neatly furred:
I filled the can with water freshly boil’d,
‘RAIDed’ the mother. A generation spoil’d.

Rachel McGladdery                                                                                       more from Rachel McGladdery here


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