Well you wake up without warning & the wall’s up against your back
& your rain can’t find the river & your train can’t find the track
& you can’t get clear for lift-off & you can’t get permission to land
& then the last thing that you’re looking for comes up & shakes you by the hand

Money on the counter, mermaid on the rocks
Red sky rolling west down over the docks
She said I don’t charge much for luck like yours whatever you’ve got’s all right
If you’ve got half a crown you can be half a king tonight

Sometimes it’s the future Sometimes it’s the past
Sometimes you put it first & sometimes you can make it last
Sometimes it’s out of sight & sometimes it drives you out of your mind
Love is a doublebind

Make mine a large one - double trouble
Heavy bevy - treble trouble
However deep a draught you drink those dregs are never drained
She can still tell you stories that’ll make you(r) - stand on end

She called for a companion but what she wanted was a clone
When you walked those woods with her heart in your hand you’d never been so alone
The one who’d gone on to the world beyond was the one she loved the most
You were out there among the thorns playing gooseberry with a ghost

Gets you in the front - Gets you in the back
Gives you bags under your eyes & sometimes gets you the sack
Makes you see things that make you say you’d rather go blind
Love is a doublebind

Give it the punch line it won’t smile
Give it 6 inches it’ll take 6 miles
It’ll fly you to the stars in a busted balloon
Take your breath away & leave you stranded on the Moon

I don’t believe you but I’d never badmouth you
Woke up this morning from bad dreams about you
I’d never deceive you & I’d never doubt you
Can’t live with you - can’t live with you

Does you if you don’t, does you if you do
Starts over when it’s over & comes through when you’re through
Hides when you’re hungry then rocks up when you’re resigned
Love is a doublebind



words & music (c) Michael Bruce 2011



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