Glasnost came to the West today,
'Wikiman' decided to take a well-earned holiday,
….To take us all on a well-earned day-trip....Skydiving.
How will 'they' deal with a world of openness?
Where heads full of deviousness are shrunken now with ego loss.
Hillary, Kharzi, Holmebrook and Haig coming to terms with beliefs going bald.
These ideas no longer the “Rock of Ages”
but doomed to diplomatic double-think on thousands of pages.

….Dripping venomously, historical games and piffle,
whilst making Bradley Manning the “Wickerman” of tomorrow
for exposing the lies and hypocrisy of encrypted stone tablets.
– Destroying the firewall between white lie on the one hand, and the pretence that it is all a morality game, on the other.
– Either way one smells charred flesh and the dark truth merrily bubbling in the cauldron of Hecate, reversing the polarity between fat things seen and lean things known.
A black and white moment for curious glimpsers into the cooking-pots of plutocratic clones.
….Apache gunship on patrol above Afganistan, its pilot still playing a games consul where body count equals smart art. All symmetry in the dirt.…Or operating manuals for Guantanamo Bay.
The larger the better, U.S. policy outre`!

Entombed Egyptian words suddenly spring to life.
This side of a 'Berlin Wall', planted like sleeper-cells (Gorbachev knew what he was about) emerging to a world bereft of strife...Yeah right!
Concepts mined in a liberal society (that show exactly how liberal) granting a snapshot of policies that might influence restraint....Until the golden leash pulls us up short.
The edge of a boundary, iron-like in conception, hanging drapes opaquely taut.

The biggest wall is between government and people,
 the loudest voice on one side, the people on the other.
– Internet science decoding DNA, “freedom of info” exposing inelegant delay....
Was it Mark Twain who said that the difference between reality and fiction, is that fiction has to appear plausible. Where does that leave reality? (Ask Hillary?) No, it doesn't matter.
It’s the diplomatic “jive” that keeps the powerful in play.
Dipsomaniac dissonance echoing a 19th century “Hooray!”

But forcing the lid carries a stiff penalty (even when nothing is sold to an enemy)
because ridiculing the machinery of State,
has ever been a treasonable trait. (especially when effective)
The survivors of the slave ship Amistad chanted, “Give us free!  Give us free!”
Now 200 yrs later, they're ashore finally..., “in the land of Honalee”,
where they'ze rappin' for transparency!



                                                                                                                                                         Usual social media to organise dissent
becomes an Orphic journey through an underground of digital portent.
Escalator traffic, bulging bags full of facts,
shopping mall internet, surfing exposure time lapse.
Self (national) interest to the fore, means true democracy has only one leg – protruding from a bone closet. The secrets you hide are a dragon's conceit.
The idea that lies are a national treasure.
All scaly and cold with a winking gesture.
From Confuc-i-ous to Britishness, a suave mission statement.
Thriving on secrecy, furtive raincoats...and lingering body scent.

'Wedging' a system to haemorrhage information,
Looks like a crack in the wall of eternal damnation,
through which Pilger and Loach dance in the radiance.
Capering in bird masks, now summoned for evidence,
and  translucent with hope, that the sleep of ages (will not be the sleep any more),
of awakening into the consciousness of gilt cages....But don't hold your breath.



By Paul Ellis (May 2011)


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