To: Debbie, (debbieainsworth@********.com 14.11.09/12:53)

I am so sorry I missed our lunch appointment this week but the horses and the kids have devoured my every waking minute. You know what it is like. We will have to rearrange for next week. Perhaps we could try 'Oscars'? I hear the seafood is to die for! 

Edward isn't helping either. He seems to think that running a home means watching daytime TV or watering the roses. I don't need to tell you how difficult it can be. Thomas is having one of his temper tantrums and Lucy is behaving like a teenager even though she has just turned ten. Was I like that when I was her age? It seems an age ago now. I seem to be trundling along without a thought for myself and my life!

Forgive me Debs, I know I must sound like a miserable cow but I just can't see an end to it. I know I shouldn't really be moaning, and we are hardly living a life on the breadline but there must be more to life...

Guess who I seen in the Supermarket today? Liz Carson. Debs, you would not believe your eyes. She is as a fat as butter with more spots than a leopard! She was so bonny at school and she had an amazing figure. Those legs! God, how I envied those legs – so long and slender. Not anymore. She looks like a guest on the 'Jeremy Kyle' show.

The guy she was with was so not her. I am not sure whether she seen me or not but she certainly didn't let on if she did. I don't think I would have let on either if I looked like that. I must sound like such a bitch but you would not have believed your eyes babes.

How is Steve? Has he returned from the trip? Edward was not happy that he had to miss out. He bought new clubs and everything. He was really looking forward to it. Over a grand he spent on them and they are still sat in the garage unused. I told him not to buy them. He never knows when he is going to be on call but you can't tell them can you? He wouldn't think of spending a thousand on me. Romantic gestures are not his thing, mores the pity. Your Steve treats you like an angel in comparison. Remember Seville? What a darling. Totally out of the blue. I would be lucky to get a card on my birthday never mind an all expenses paid trip to Seville! Keep hold of him sweetie. Men like Steve are like Rocking Horse shit – nonexistent!

Anyway babes, I must log off and get the Dyson out. The kids have been making popcorn and they have dropped more on the floor than they have eaten. I don't want to neglect my wifey duties do I?

Text you later.

Sue xx

To: Susan (sue_buxton@******** 14.11.09/21.16)

Hiya hun, don’t worry about lunch, I am sure we will catch up soon. I have had such a lazy day anyway. I decided my body could do with a bit of a pamper so I went to ‘Blitz’ and got the works – nails, massage, facial, roots. It was a joy. Not much change out of £200 but you have to treat yourself once in a while...well, every couple of weeks!

Seville seems a long time ago now baby. They are all the same I am telling you. There is always an ulterior motive isn’t there? Whether it be a box of chocolates or a holiday abroad – the length they will go to in order to get their end away!
I seen more of the hotel ceiling than the one in the cathedral I can tell you!
Eddie is ok – he is a busy man. You need to cut him some slack babe. Stevie doesn’t have the same kind of worries as Ed. You need something to occupy your mind during the day hun. Get a hobby. Knitting or something – it is cheaper than shopping isn’t it!

We will sort another meet out soon. I will give you a call soon but you better get back to your cleaning now ha ha.

D x

To: Debs (debbieainsworth@********.com 18.11.09/16:21)

So lovely to catch up today hun. You looked as radiant as ever. If brown is the new black you carry it off superbly well. I am so jealous, I look awful in brown. It makes me look like a giant leaf!

I forgot to tell you, Edward is doing his nut about the stables. The estimate for the roof repair has topped £5,000. You should have heard him rant last night. The kids were in tears. They heard him say that we would all be better off if we sent Charlotte and Ebony to join the donkeys on Blackpool beach. He can be so heartless at times. He never wanted those ponies. I remember when we first bought the house; all he could think about was an outside office and a full sized snooker table. He can’t even play snooker!

I think he is jealous of those horses – the kids love nags more than they do him. They certainly see more of them! It is not like we can’t afford it either.

He will be even more angry when he comes back home tonight. I couldn’t resist that red dress babe. I had to go back and get it after we split. £600, but it is gorgeous isn’t it!?! I just need someone to appreciate it as much as me.

I am off to Mums for tea tonight. It is nice to have someone else do the cooking for me.

Sue x

To: Susan (sue_buxton@******** 19.11.09/9.16)

Early start for me today. It was good to catch up. Thanks for the cake – I know I shouldn’t but me and cream just get on so well. A moment on the lips and all that...
As for the dress – some things are worth pushing the boat out for and that will be worth the grief. It looked absolutely gorgeous on you.

That sounds like a hell of a bill for the stables. No wonder Eddie is cross! You should stick to rabbits and hamsters. Anything bigger than that is asking for trouble.
You should be pleased he has that much cash to spend on it! Steve is so tight. Our last goldfish lived in jug for two years. Pets are too much trouble if you ask me.
I won’t be able to go to the Cinema tomorrow night babes. Stevie is out and it gives me the chance to get my head into some work. Text you soon.

D x


To: Debs (debbieainsworth@********.com 23.11.09/17:09)

I hope you managed to catch up with all your work stuff. I know what it is like some times, it all seems to come at once. Eddie is never away from work.

Hey Debs, I think I have died and gone to heaven Deb.

Saturday started much like any other. Breakfast in bed for Mr Worker and the same for the kids then off to Mums. Dad was planning to take the two of them down to the Swimming Baths and then out for something to eat so I managed to get some time to myself at last. I got back to the house about 11am only to find a pile of dishes and a bundle of washing. Great. He had buggered off to the golf club again and left a simple post it note to say he would be back for tea. Oh, and another to remind me that the builders would be coming over at lunch to start work on the stables. You can guess how wound up I was at this point babes. It was like PMT and a mid life crisis rolled into one! ‘So much for getting my feet up for a while’ I thought. And then the doorbell rang. I was flushed with anger when I went to answer but what greeted me soon melted that aggression. 6ft 2inches of solid muscle, dark, wavy hair, a cropped T-Shirt and a smile as welcoming as a bar of milk chocolate.

This is the man who had come to fix our beloved stable. This was the man who would be spending the next week in my garden. This is the man who will be tapping on the kitchen window asking to use the toilet. This is the man...

Anyway, my heart was racing as I let him in. I am sure I blushed as he brushed passed me in the corridor. He must be 20 years younger than me but, by God, the years seemed to fall off me when he smiled again. He even gave a sly wink. I barely noticed his sidekick unloading the van.

He is called Jack. He seems quite the lad too. I think he caught me looking at him through the window but, babes, you would too! He wouldn’t touch me with a barge pole I am sure. Far too old. He could touch me with his barge pole if he wanted to. You do realise that you are the only person I could talk to like this. It is ok to look isn’t it? I am a woman after all and, for the first time in bloody ages, I feel like one too.

I am logging off now darling. The builders left ages ago and the kids are due back soon. I had a text off him indoors to say he won’t be back until after seven. I may just have time to pay a visit to my room, get bunny out the drawer and turn my attention back to the stables if you know what I mean...

I will update you tomorrow babe. You should maybe nip over and take a look for yourself although I might get jealous lol.

Catch ya later, Susie xx

To: Susan (sue_buxton@******** 23.11.09/19.16)

Wow – you sound like you have had quite a day and he sounds quite the hunk. I thought these men were only available in Hollywood. The guy who comes to fix our bathroom looked more like Johnny Ball than Johnny Depp.
At least you have some eye candy to keep you busy during the day. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!! I think I might have to visit and see for myself.

D x



To: Debs (debbieainsworth@********.com 24.11.09/21:59)

Hi hun – thanks for popping over today. I told you he was a bit special didn’t I. Worth trading Stevie for?? Ha ha. I am starting to enjoy being stuck in all day now. With the kids at school and Edward at the surgery I have Jack all to myself! I must have made more cups of tea today that PG Tips! I don’t mean to be so obvious but I find myself just needing to catch a glimpse of that arse! I think he knows it too. He is very confident but he seems like the perfect gent too. Always polite and flattering.

Maybe I encourage the flattery but he really does take my breath away. His partner in crime has even moved on to another job for the rest of the week. It is a one man job now he said. I am pleased that Jack is that man. If that fat sod had taken my Jack away I would have gone insane. He is the only one keeping me sane and in touch with my womanly needs if you know what I mean. Last night, in bed with Ed, I found myself thinking of Jack. How bad is that?

I read in ‘Hello’ that it is impossible to imagine making love to another person you haven’t met. You can’t imagine a face that you have never seen before. You can’t make one up! Only last night did I realise how true this was. Your masturbation is limited to the faces from your social life and those you have seen on TV. Until Jack arrived I was only able to get off on Jack Dee and him off the 10 O’Clock news! How sad is that?

Who do you think of?

Now I have a new face to enjoy. A new man in my life – well, in my stables.
What a difference a new face makes. It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘burning rubber’! The real thing isn’t even that appealing with old Eddie not that there has been much of that this last few weeks. I am not complaining though. Two grunts and a fart is as good as it gets these days. I bet it is not like that with Jack. His girlfriend must be drooling at the thought of him bursting through the door after a hard days graft, ripping off her clothes and making mad passionate love before the soaps...
am getting flustered again Debs. I better sign off and log in elsewhere if you know what I mean.

See you tomorrow at Betty’s.

Sue xx


To: Susan (sue_buxton@******** 25.11.09/18.23)

Mmmmm, who do I think of? Well it isn’t Steve  I have a fascination for the older man at the mo. There is something incredibly sexy about a man with experience in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, your Jack (can I call him that?) does have the perfect figure but give me Bill Clinton over him any day of the week. He has a glint in his eye and more than a glint in his pants I bet. It is the power thing too. I like a man in a suit and tie. A man who can make decisions and put people in their place. It is all well and good being able to tile a stable roof but look at the way that little fat boss of his orders him around. He may have the muscles but he doesn’t have the power! God, listen to me, I sound like some timid office girl in awe of the bossy man. You know me, I am far from a push over when it comes to liaisons with the firmer sex but there is something incredibly sexy about a middle aged man in control.

How are you getting on with Jack then babes? Have you made it obvious you fancy him? Any flirting? I bet he would love a piece of you if you gave him the chance but are you up for it??? That is the question.

All those years of marriage and loyalty must have earned you some cheating brownie points. I suppose not being married to Steve allows me to think that way without the guilt of the vows. I don’t know if he has been loyal to me. I bet he hasn’t. All these trips away with work. I bet he has a different one in each European city. When I said I liked power I think that means more than just money. Stevie and I are not poor as you know and he does have a good job but he is such a wimp. I think I am getting bored with him now. We have been together 8 years but it feels like 20! I am not like you hun – a one man woman. I can’t see us lasting the year at this rate. That said he always does get me some great Christmas presents so I might just let him last until January.

What a bitch eh! I just don’t care anymore.

My advice to you babe is to start to live life to the full. Wait until the boss is on his lunch, get Jack into your front room, rip his clothes off and show him what he has been missing!

Let me know how you get on with him tomorrow. I am off for a bath.

D x


To: Debs (debbieainsworth@********.com 26.11.09/12:13)

What are you like!!! There is obviously a side to you I don’t know! Ha ha. How long have I known you? You still shock me. I didn’t realise you felt like that about Stevie. I thought you two were rock solid! That said things do get a bit stale after a few years. The things that never used to bother me irritate the shit out of me now. He hogs the TV controls, he always has to answer the phone when it rings, and he never puts anything away when he takes it out of the cupboard. All little things I know but he winds me up more than ever!
After you emailed I thought long and hard about what you said about letting myself go. It is one thing playing around on the bed with my rubber friend but it is a totally different kettle of fish letting another man...well, you know what I mean.

After I read your message I found myself looking at Jack in a different way. I really did consider what would happen if I encouraged him. Could I cope with the guilt? Would I be able to carry it off? Would I even be able to enjoy it? And that is before I even thought about the practicalities of it. Would he want me? Would he even find me attractive? Would he want more than a quick fuck? Would I? So many questions and no answers. The only way to find out would be to do it and I just don’t know if I have the guts. You know, that is the only thing that is stopping me – having the guts. I have even managed to convince myself that I am deserving of the attention from a new man. I don’t want to leave Eddie and I would never want to hurt the kids but surely a little bit on the side every now and again will help keep me sane! After all, it is only sex isn’t it? It is not like I am going to fall in love with Jack or anyone else is it? We have absolutely nothing in common babes. All I want is to feel his body pressed against me and to feel him deep inside me!!!! The thought of wrapping my legs around that hunk of a man is driving me wild. I find myself looking out of the window waiting for the van to come in the morning. Just watching his rippling muscles as he unloads the equipment sends me into spasms and as soon as they have packed up and gone I find myself running to the bedroom.

As Freddie Mercury once hinted, ‘Is this the real life or is this fantasy?’

What to do, what to do!!! I know what you would do...could I?

Sue xx

To: Susan (sue_buxton@******** 27.11.09/14.56)

Yes you bloody well should do it!!!!

Do you think a man would think twice in the same situation? You are wasting time my dear. The roof will be fixed in a week and some other randy housewife will be getting their claws into him. Strike while the iron is hot!

And don’t you be worrying about what he will be thinking and worrying about whether or not he wants you. You are gorgeous, slim and attractive. Of course he wants you he is a red-blooded male isn’t he. Get him on his own, flirt a bit and see how much you can get away with before he goes.

Remember I told you about my older man fetish? Well it came true. I have just had some of the best sex of my life. This man blows my fucking head off hun. He is everything and more I have been dreaming of and, most importantly, he is not Steve! I told you I was spontaneous. I know it is wrong and I know I should be a good little girl but what the fuck – you only live once! He is married and he thinks the same as me. His relationship is dead in the water and he needs some fun and danger in his life.

I am not sure if it will happen again but if it does it does. I have decided that I only care about myself at the moment.  I come first – well, I did with him (over and over again!!!!) You should do the same. Enjoy it while you can – there will be bad times to come so grasp the enjoyment while you can!

D x

To: Debs (debbieainsworth@********.com 27.11.09/19:59)

You are so bad. I could not believe what I was reading! Poor Stevie. I don’t know why I am sitting here laughing. I should be telling you off and scolding you for your misdemeanours but I am starting to wish I had your courage.

I must be getting more philosophical in my old age. Forty three is hardly old I know but I am no spring chicken. I think it is time I had some male attention of my own though.

I tried to do what you said and flirt with him some more. I think he knows I fancy him and he has been in and out the house all day to get water, use the loo etc and we have chatted more today than we had previously. I know I want him. I even wore a short black evening dress today. It was so obvious I know. Why would I wear that thing during the day? He must have known, but I felt so sexy in it and I am sure he got the message.

He is on his own tomorrow. The other guy is working in the office. If anything is going to happen it needs to happen tomorrow. I have the house to myself all day. What do you suggest I do? How would you start it? Should I really go for it? Any advice would be gratefully received babes.

Suzie x

To: Susan (sue_buxton@******** 27.11.09/23.41)

Go for it.

D x

Debs (debbieainsworth@********.com 28.11.09/02:39)

I can’t sleep. Just thought I would log on and get these thoughts out of my head and out into the virtual reality world. I know you won’t get this message for hours yet and what I am about to do may well have happened by the time you read this but I need to get it out of my system.

I have decided to go for it. I have no idea if he will reciprocate but I don’t want to be living the rest of my life wishing ‘if only’.

Eddie has been really cold with me tonight. I think work must be stressing him out but he seems to want to take it out on me rather than talk about his problems. Isn’t that always the way with men. Why don’t they just talk about their problems? I am his wife for God’s sake; if he can’t share it with me then who can he share it with???

Well, he has pushed me too far this time. I didn’t even get a kiss goodnight, so here I am, typing on the lap top at silly o’clock wondering how I am going to snare our builder.

I have already given some thought to what I am going to wear. He seemed to like that evening dress so I am going to wear another – you know the black fitted one with the side split? Stockings are a little bit too obvious but I am going to go for the knee length boots. My tits are still in fine condition – it pays not to breast feed after all – and I think I might give the bra a miss. Nipples hold a man’s attention almost as much as the football scores at quarter to five on a Saturday!

I have some new black lace panties to top it all off. They have never been worn. Virgin panties. God, I feel like a virgin too. I hope I am not wearing them for long though. I think it is too late to play hard to get here. If he shows keenness then I will melt in his arms.

I have already started to think about what we will do. I might just drop to my knees in front of him and do what comes natural. I don’t think he will resist do you? Which man would?

I wonder how big he is. If his cock is in the same fine shape as the rest of his body I will certainly have my hands, and mouth, full. God, I will have no idea what to expect. I have only seen Eddie’s for the last 20 odd years. He is quite large in that department but only when erect and I haven’t been lucky enough to see too much of that recently.

I want to see all of Jack. A new body is just what I need. Eddie just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Even the thought of stripping Jack gets the juices flowing.

He should be here about 10am. I better go and get some sleep babes. In 8 hours from now he could be here in the house with me. The last thing I need is to greet him with panda eyes. I will give you an email after he has gone. I know you will be able to pick it up at work. Keep checking your inbox after 4pm. I hope I have still got the energy to type!

Suze xx



To: Debs (debbieainsworth@********.com 28.11.09/9:42)

I am full of energy today. I found myself walking around the house in circles. I have butterflies in my tummy and my heart is beating like a bass drum. I feel like a little girl again. This seems as good a distraction as any I suppose. I notice from my outbox that you haven’t read my ramblings from last night so this will make good reading for you when you eventually open your email.

Eddie left this morning without so much as a peck on the cheek or a goodbye. That suits me. In fact, it probably helps even more as it shows I am merely a distraction in his busy existence. One day he is going to wake up and smell the coffee but that time seems ages off yet.

I had my usual dour dressing gown on when I waved the kids off but I couldn’t wait to get showered, dolled up and ready for the doorbell.

He has been coming on or around 10 o’clock every day.

I remember your words well – Go for it. Well, if I am ever going to go for it then now is the time.

I will log off now and message you later. Wish me luck.

Sue x



To: Debs (debbieainsworth@********.com 28.11.09/15: 34)

Babe, what a day. What a fucking day! The worry started in the early hours and continued right up until he was about to arrive as you know. Debz, I really don’t know where to start. I know you like a good tale so here goes – in full gory detail .

I told you what I was wearing didn’t I? Well I didn’t hold back. The full works. I even decided to go with the stockings and boots. What a tart eh? I felt good. Right up to the point when I heard the van pull up at the end of the drive and then my anxiety came flooding back. I just wanted to run to the bedroom and dive back into the safety of my old robe and pj’s. I very nearly did as well but he was out the van and down the drive before I could make a move. He caught a glimpse of me through the living room window and that was that. I could hardly ignore him could I? I could tell I was flushing but what could I do? He didn’t even bother to ring the bell as he knew he had caught my eye. Suddenly I didn’t feel so sexy. I even contemplated throwing on one of Eddie’s big wax jackets but how daft would I have looked then with all my lippy and eyeliner on? I would have looked like a bloody scarecrow!

Anyway, I decided to open the door and bite the bullet. Babes, you should have seen the eyes on him. He looked like his eyes were about to pop out of his head. Bless him. He seemed so much younger than I had previously though. He was more like a lad out of a boy band than my Mr Darcey but he was still handsome from tip to toe. I was starting to feel my age. An old tart. I led him through to the kitchen as I had done every other day he had been here. He walked behind me and I could feel his eyes burning into me. I was starting to relax and, can you believe it, I actually felt powerful. Here I was thinking I would be in awe of this young stud but the opposite was true. When I reached the sink and turned to face him I felt like Mrs Robinson in ‘The Graduate’. He stood no more than five feet from me and it gave me a chance to cast my eye over him during the awkward silence. He was wearing that same grubby navy blue T-Shirt you seen him in. You know the one? The one that gripped tight to his chest and upper arms. It enhanced his body to perfection. This wasn’t a T-shirt fit for a builder. He knew he was in good shape and he wanted to show off what he had. He had a musky, sexy scent about him too. Was this for me? It certainly wasn’t good practise to wear a splash of your most expensive aftershave when you were about to scoop rotting moss from an old tiled roof.

I let my eyes wander over him. He was standing wondering what was going to happen next. I could feel the pulse in my neck throb as I looked lower. He was wearing tight stone-wash jeans and there was quite clearly a bulge growing. He shifted awkwardly to try and hide his obvious excitement. I couldn’t resist a little smile when he blushed. The shoe was definitely on the other foot now.

I have been waiting two weeks to kiss this boy and now I had him exactly where I wanted him I wanted to make the whole experience last.

I reached forward slowly and grabbed the buckle of his belt before pulling him towards me. He didn’t resist babe.

Now we were face to face I was able to see the fear in his eyes. For all his bravado and confidence he was obviously quite the innocent. I had to ask myself if I should really be the one to deflower this young boy. I didn’t question myself for too long. I wrapped my arm around his back and spun him around so that his waist rested against the draining board. I was so close now I could feel his erection rub against my tummy. I held him tight and for the first time he returned the affection. His strong arms wrapped around my back and I congratulated myself for such a realistic fantasy the night before. It was everything I had hoped it would be.

Then we kissed. Soft at first then our lips parted and our tongues wandered. It was not long before we both had our eyes firmly shut as we enjoyed the embrace and the kiss. Debz, this was heaven. Kissing Eddie was like kissing a lizard in comparison. If this boy knew nothing before he was learning fast now!

He moved his hands over my bum and I prayed the results of childbirth would not be noticeable. My arse is still quite firm I think but you do worry don’t you.

He didn’t seem to mind as the truncheon pushing into my stomach seemed to testify.

It was around this point that I had the sudden urgency get my hands all over his body. I pulled at his T-shirt and he helped take it off. His fingers fumbled with my dress as we kissed but I offered him little help. I pulled at his belt and fly. I wanted to hold that cock and feel his girth. I had imagined something God like. At least 8 inches of solid muscle eager to penetrate me. The reality was not quite so startling but there was enough there to hold my attention. I reached into his boxer shorts as he was still fiddling with my top button. I let my left hand cup his balls and my right take a firm hold of his shaft. I looked into his eyes and took great pleasure from his intense concentration. He was almost shaking with passion as I rubbed his manhood up and down. I imagined moving down his body and taking this in my mouth. I imagined him carrying me upstairs and throwing me on the bed. I imagined his pulling off my panties and seeing how ready and willing he had made me.

I imagined all this and then...

Babe, I feel so sorry for him now but at the time I could have pulled his bloody cock off with rage. He couldn’t control himself. He cum all over my hand before I even managed to get a firm hold. Ten seconds max! Babes, the poor sod couldn’t hold back. I should have guessed from his face that he was getting close to the edge but I suppose I didn’t really expect him to explode so soon! My hand was covered. There I was, still fully clothed with my hand inside a 19 year olds boxers, covered in cum. I was still holding his cock when he tried to run away. It was almost comical now I think back. He was so bloody embarrassed. After a few seconds he seemed to gather his thoughts and set off running for the door but my hand was still in his pants so I went too. When he realised I still had a hold of (his now floppy manhood) he let out a scream. When he finally wriggled free he set of running for the front door and the safety of his van. How the hell am I going to explain that to Eddie?? I don’t think Jack will tell the story to his boss but I doubt he will be back to work again do you?

I just stood for what seemed like an eternity with a hand full of goo.

Since then I have cleaned myself, and the house, from top to bottom. The dress is back in the wardrobe and that is where it will stay until my husband deems it appropriate to take me out for the night!

Babes, I have learned one hell of a lesson from all this. Perhaps the grass isn’t that green after all.

I found a message from Ed on the frige to say he won’t be back tonight. Great. What a day!

A rather depressed..Sue x





The message sent from: sue_buxton@******** to debbieainsworth@********.com on 28.11.09/15: 34 could not be delivered. This address has not been recognised.


To: Debs (debbieainsworth@********.com 28.11.09/18:41)

Hi babes, I seem to be have some problems with your email account. Let me know if you get this!

S xx



The message sent from: sue_buxton@******** to debbieainsworth@********.com on 28.11.09/18:41 could not be delivered. This address has not been recognised.


To: Debs (debbieainsworth@********.com 28.11.09/22:27)

Are you there Debs?

S xx


The message sent from: sue_buxton@******** to debbieainsworth@********.com on 28.11.09/22:27 could not be delivered. This address has not been recognised.


To: sue_buxton@******** 28.11.09/23:43

Sue, its Stevie.

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you in this way but I do not have your mobile number and I didn’t want to leave you hanging until they tell you.

As you know, I am overseas at the minute and it is probably a good job. As you are also probably aware, Debs and I are no longer together and I that is probably for the best.

What you probably don’t know is that your bitch of a friend is not much of a friend after all. I hate to be the bringer of bad tidings but I don’t expect you will be hearing from her much in the future either. Has your cowardly husband managed to show his face yet?

Two months it has been going on. Working late at the office did he tell you? Fucking my girlfriend more like it!

Did you know anything about it? Be honest? Jesus, what a mug I am. You seemed like a nice girl. I got your email address from one of those group jokes that go around. I thought you should know. Me and you were never what you would call close but, for what it is worth, the two of them have shit on us and I think you deserved to know. I am just sorry you have to find out this way!

I don’t know where they have gone or how to contact her but she left work yesterday and they are not letting on even if they know.

If you find out anything I hope you will let me know.

Take care. You are better off without the prick.

Ste (Stephen_painter@*******



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