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Hung Parliament – the 3rd and probably last album by The Owls – consists of 10 of my songs, and there’s a sample at the top of this page. The style varies: the album starts off raw and rocky, then develops a more mellow acoustic sound around the middle, before rocking up again towards the end. There’s a “London” theme running underneath some of it, among other themes. The full track list is:

1) London’s Burning
2) Another Day
3) AOB
4) Over the Water
5) Low Flying Bird
6) Doublebind
7) Ann
8) Farmer’s Glory
9) Crying Wolf
10) Wish we had Horses


Hung Parliament is in the shops now


Also available:

figures of 8 (2006) was the first Owls album. It’s slightly longer than Hung Parliament although it only has 8 songs. It also has a stronger overall structure, plus a sparser sound, and some people feel it’s a bit darker. The tracks are:

1) Stalker
2) Coast of Gold
3) The Blues
4) No Man’s Land
5) Hearing Voices
6) Burned
7) Angel with One Wing
8) Old Year’s Eve

figures of 8 is in the shops now

Here's a sample track:

Angel with One Wing.mp3


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