I woke with hazy memories of something gone before
All around me emerald trees and pine upon the floor
Not knowing how I’d got there, the reason even less
Drained of all my energy to turn the faintest guess

I knew I’d been a boy once, and that was all I’d known
I gazed upon my teenage hand and realised I had grown
What had happened in-between the wood between the worlds?
Perhaps I'd simply nodded off - I turned to see a girl

This I had, a godly clue, to set me in my place
A being of much excellence, such a glow upon her face
I felt I maybe knew her or maybe she knew me
She did not stir; she simply slept beneath the emerald tree

I sprang quite quickly to my feet, into the woods I stared
Feeling sure to venture out, before I’d never dared
For something now seemed clear to me, a brainstorm in a flash
I woke the girl and grabbed her hand, said ‘Come now, we must dash…’

This beauteous maid made not a sound though I knew she was in shock
We headed for the furthest point and past the crumbling rock
But the ground was hard, our feet too soft, she cried soft tears, I heard her
‘Stop my love, we must return, for I can go no further’

My heart desired her grief to end as I carried her in my arms
I turned my mind away from pain reciting holy psalms
Pretty soon we left the woods and chanced a quiet place
I sat her down, brushed back her hair and gazed upon her face

And to this day I dearly swear, I have never seen such beauty
I realised then my rationale, and what should be my duty
I kissed her lips, so soft and sweet, her soul and mine unfurled
Thanking God or whoever it was for the wood between the worlds


Then I awoke without memory of certain things before
All around me emerald trees and pine upon the floor
How did I get back here? - I had no true idea
A heart so grave, a head so numb, upon my face a tear

I’d been the youthful lover once and that was all I’d known
I gazed upon my adult hand, and once again I’d grown
What had happened just beyond the wood between the worlds?
And where for pities was my love? - I had to find that girl

Still something pained me deep within - a phantom cloaked in black
With wings of steel and fiery eyes and spines upon its back
Soaring fast and far from here, a demon of the mind
And in its claws my kindred heart whom now my task to find

Then something else disturbed my thoughts and shot me parallel
An insight that could only have been truly sent from hell
This beast that swept my lover off did no such thing at all
She left upon her own accord, and I painfully recall

I fall in shame and wonder now how could I be so mean
Impatience twined in mortal coils that sprung my severed dream
I did not mean please hear me love to do the things I’ve done
I simply slipped into a trance beneath the setting sun

And now I have just memories of all such things before
All around me emerald trees and pine upon the floor
Who knows how I got here, then who cares even less?
My mind is tired, all burnt out, I’ve lost the will to guess

I pretty much know all I need though words may never tell
I love the wood between the worlds, she holds me in her spell
She bore me life, she woke me up, she showed me how to love
And I shall not leave my home again, below, or upon, or above ...



by Hedwind

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