Me and Cement


When I was 25
cement came in 50 kilo bags;

when I was 50
it came in 25 kilo bags,

so lifting it felt
exactly the same.

If it reduces at the same rate
by the time I get to 75

cement will be supplied
in sacks the size of teabags,

easy to lift
but no use for building.

By then, though, I won’t want to build anything
so it’ll all still balance out.

We grow together,
cementing our relationship.



Keep a Grip


Never be without a good dictionary.

Heavy snow had tippexed earlier cars;
they lay like dead igloos at the roadside.

It was only a fluke he had along
the seventeen volumes of the OED;
those tons of words on the backseat
kept the tyres printing out their incunabulum.

Never be without a good dictionary.



Richard MacSween

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