Canal Route

                    natural flow behind
         can't force thought,

backwards response pulls forward into fear

                               panic stretches
tight like an elastic band,

and a  torrent of rain slams
           hard into the canal surface

releasing a rush -

      as a stone
              a car windshield.


                     multitudes of ripples
 send out intense light shapes

                     dripping echoes fall
                                            from stone edges    


                          one drop holds;


wetness down my face

that brings the familiar with the rain

slipping into drizzle.


...i see
my fragmented reflection
in water  coming together

i turn away 

  moving on
  down the tow path

for shelter

               under the next bridge along  .



             Part 2.

Out stretching her arm
that cuts deep through fields -
a long narrow sheet reflecting the open blue sky,
And the wind moves (between ripples)
the constant state
                        in flux








she's got sum' er that
knife edge    pain relief  (lucky bitch),
road map scars
run down her arms 
a professional of suicidal tendencies.

        she watches me (watching)                                                                                                                                             


them eyes,
       roll down sheet metal corridors with
       sharp turns,
 disaffected mumbles in high corners
       with scrapes down hard metallic walls,
   all conspire in this nightmare.

       chair grates
       along tiled floor,hands
push & push - face                                                                                                              

into a brick wall:
       violence shudders a backlash,

       knots pull tight   so tight        
       nothing can be undone.     
       (no breath control..  ..  ) breathe,  out                                                                                                                                               
       the perpetual buzz sounds
       that gather in rage
                      pressure; against: 

       twig bends
       to this un forgiving      force:
                           with a cruel                 Snap!
"Burn.  the bitch down.  Kill.  the day and all   in it" .  

 (nothing out is








a tune up,

dog barks from distance - cut
            by  car dispersing air,
stick&     roll, rubber
                             on tarmac.
    another car
             first car          fades...
pigeon coos,engines murmur
and a horn sounds 
presence. Blink
       first light
                   through leaves                                     
               framed in window        
stamps: impression
               on inner eye lids.


       Smell     coffee,
                          time aware,
i see
            myself up,
                out the bed and
                         in the kitchen



Ronnie Edmondson

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