We’ve become a close bunch,
On a Saturday lunch,
We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The stories we’ve heard,
Have been great, not absurd,
A real to credit to all of the authors.

We met Dave and his Bells;
They’re beginning to haunt him.
The belfry’s becoming quite a bind!

There was John with his Message,
Because it’s There, and Her Shoes,
Yet to finish much more so we’re told.

Mel fetched us Matthew;
A corrupt copper and a tissue
Kept us intrigued as his drama unfolded.

Paula was unique,
With her undressed feet;
Paperball we will always remember.

Joe steered in Raefar,
Under the war zone sun,
Scanning the whole area,  
Standing tall with his gun,

Brent brought secret agents,
Sent them on missions galore,
Nuclear energy was his thing,
So he’s guna write more.

Arda wrote, of her uncle,
And his care of the bird.
Her accent like royalty
She overwhelmed us when heard.

Anthony and his adventures,
He’d travelled quite a bit,
Tales of his football and getting dropped in the shit.

We take our hats off to Mick
The man burdened with our plight,
Of ALL being published,
Within our own right.
He created us a website,
Much to our glee!
Seeing our names upon there,
Was brilliant for me!

So now I say thank you,
To all you, I’ve met.
You have inspired me immensely
This I will never forget.

Victoria Lockhart

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