I’m putting this songbook together because a few people have told me they want to read my song lyrics. I’ve been reluctant to do this because these lyrics are really meant to be listened to, not read. They don’t scan like poems: they read awkwardly on the page. The rhythms only work (when they work at all) when the words are heard against the music. But then you probably already know that. Song lyrics are not the same as poems.

When the book comes out the music will be indicated by chord sequences, plus a beat count. I could write the tunes out on a stave, but life’s too short, and hardly anyone uses written music these days anyway.  On this online version, there are audio recordings too, so you can read and listen at the same time, or sing along if you like. But do bear in mind that it won’t sound any good on a laptop ... I’m not saying it’ll sound too good on anything, but decent speakers do make a difference.

To start off with, here are two songs:


Black Gold





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